About Girishbapu

Param Pujya Sant Shree Hari Har Das Girish Bapu is the founder of The Universal Center Of Divine Power For the produce the energy from atmospher, Substance and from Man him self.

This center's establishment Motto is: Spiritual Realization and Philosophy, So that this Center has vast and wide visiualization. This center started to trying 
make    better life for common man. 

1. Education
2. Health
3. Nutrition
4. Young
5. Children
6. Disable Person
7. Orphane
8. Women's Protection
9. Cow-Cattle, Birds, Vegetable, Trees, Insects, and all atmosphere
10. Creative and Research
11. Industrial


​Our mission is to help social in all above points.

Param Pujya Sant Shree Hari Har Das Girish Bapu's Biography:
He is calm, polished, easy, and  has Spiritual Realization. He is activist in every part of diffrent area for uplift social.

​He was born on 21st may 1968, Like Sant TulsiDas he was born with teeth. From his childhood he is resiting ramayan and other religious books/texts and also very religious from his childhood.

He was very clever in study so they completed Diploma in Civil Engineering. After the completion of diploma, from his inner voice and beloved Swami Vivekanand's thought, he decide to run for social help.

And this is how he working hard for make better religious pepole, Ram Katha Programme, Shiv Katha Programme, Devi Bhag Katha Programme, Bhagvat Programme, Sai Katha Programme, Addiction Exemption, Position Travel, Traditional Function Celebration with Classical approach, Medical Camp etc held by Him. And from this functions they aware to people from Superstitions and still trying Param Pujaya Hari Har Das Girish Bapu to aware the people.

In Today's time who has more glory than other for them he recite one theme named "hare ram  hare ram ram ram hare hare hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare "at Maruti dham dated 14th april 2000. Which after a long time its also recites now a days by people.    

In 2008, 
From the heart of the severe spirit for Liturgy Of Fire arrange the continnum of fire fume.

In 2012, He organised 27 day elegant function named Nam-kumbh for the celebration of 12 years success and there was Mr. Narendra Bhai Modi (Former CM Gujarat and Currently Serve as Prime Minister Of India) as a Chief Guest and his recognised it as a Kumbh mela and commendation Param Pujya Hari Har Das Girish Bapu for his work.

In 2013-2014 He Started Navratri Mahotsav and show set power and give message to community "Solidatory is Strentgh".
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